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Best fucking furry comic EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-08-11 05:20:19 by Jesuslizard
Updated chives/2003/04/post-2.html
I feel as though from watching theese young kittens mature they are my children... my screwed up sex craveing children... I'm so pround of both of them :')
I also like looking for group


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2012-09-02 05:27:05

This is the Best comic i've ever read in my entire life i read it twice in 2 days i teaches you about growing up and maturing into a sex craving adult XD but the story line almost made me cry at the end and im a guy that doesnt cry from anything... its just a beautiful story with beautiful furries just to sum it up anyone who doesnt like this story is a total fag and should GO DIE IN A DEEP ASS HOLE FILLED WITH DARKNESS AND DISPAIR!!!!!!!!


2012-08-01 04:15:29

I agree it is the fucking best comic ever ^^ :)


2012-01-22 19:06:55

even though this has been posted for some time i just found it by a glance. and i thank myself that i stopped and read this. at first i must be honest and thought i would read a few pages and stop. but not with this. i was sucked into its story (even if there was a little *umm* bro sis in it, there for a bit.. i found myself compelled to find out what happen next. i read the every last page and well worth anyone's time. a must read for any fan of manga.


2010-10-23 07:17:11

Best comic indeed, the second one is just getting better and better.


2010-08-10 08:56:55

Jay naylor is the fucking best.


2010-05-11 02:36:06

awsome comic! for once i liked a comic without compleat nudety :3 lol cant for get lucy playing dungens and dragon she rocked lol


2010-02-18 22:38:07

MAN THAT WAS THE BEST STORIE I HAVE EVER IN MY LIFE........................i cantget that story out of my head i just cant and when i first read it i was like dam that is a normal life and at the same time its somting we dont want eny more best stick 2 our life and enjoy it and by the way wats the name of the comic or storie


2010-02-08 16:00:10

nice ty for somting to do. also i my self no furry but i have the backs ove any one who needs help and dont try to transform me u can try but my ak-47 stays wit mew


2009-07-23 10:49:40

waaaah i read it the last 3 days but when i found out that i read it all....i almost CRIED!


2008-12-27 00:23:32

Yeah, i read this comic awhile ago.. It's pretty well done. Im a Furry myself and proud of it, nothing wrong with it. Anyway.. for those who want to see some of the porno Jay does, then go to
It has a massive collection of Furryness :) and if u go to the Furry Tab and look for Doujins then u will find some ones JayNaylor done, some featuring Lucy and her friends. Must be 18+ tho :P (not like half of u care lol) Aerisdies isnt too bad to, it has a crap load of Hentai and stuff (not really into that, more into furry) (NOT BEASTIALITY as most people think...)
YUP!! Good comic, good characters was a fun read... But they grow up so fast.. u almost build a bond with them lol, as if there real.


2008-08-24 21:14:02

A Dark Elf? 1/Starxade/HisWhip2.jpg

Jesuslizard responds:

A "half" dark elf.
elfs don't have facial hair so hes half human.


2008-08-24 21:04:03


Jesuslizard responds:

compleate... silance...


2008-08-24 20:17:56


Jesuslizard responds:

now what?


2008-08-24 19:09:20

hi man

Jesuslizard responds:

y halo thar


2008-08-24 13:56:27

The way it sounds... The FIRST human to slip through the cracks... I'm suprised this crap didn't happen to me a while ago. God forbid, I could have become one of you a long time ago.

Well, i'm off to a pizza party at a frickin' pool. :P

Jesuslizard responds:



2008-08-24 13:51:45

And that, good sir, is why I am not a furry, and will never become a furry. xD

Jesuslizard responds:

damn, another human slips through the cracks...


2008-08-24 09:49:53

is crystal?

Jesuslizard responds:



2008-08-24 08:34:43

And, I can see how this crap dosen't "Affect" me...

1) Animals are not hot.
2) You guys gave in too easily
3) It's not a good thing
4) My girlfriend would kill me in every way possible if she ever caught me looking up porn on the net.

Jesuslizard responds:

You have a girl freind!?
lucky son of a bitch...


2008-08-24 08:29:16

Ok... That freaked me right the heck out, I didn't find it hot. I still fail to see how this works.

Jesuslizard responds:

yeah you might be an exeption, I for one thought I wouldn't rely like it much either.
It started with anime cat girls and then I moved up to vixens.


2008-08-24 02:20:21

And the INSTANT I posted the previous comment, I remembered what I had wanted to say...

What the crap. I forgot it again.

Jesuslizard responds:

well that's just craptastic!


2008-08-24 02:18:40

Haha, another Better Days reader! You're the second I've found!

I found the comic a good year or two ago, and it's still awesome.

PS: is down. It has a "coming soon" thing and that's it. dunno if that's the same for you, but... yeah.

PSS: there was something else I wanted to say. But I forgot.

PSSS: Why is SAROTH fighting furrification? It's an evolutionary step that everyone should make!

Jesuslizard responds:

best comic ever.
And that's the wrong Ychan, you need the one that says furry image board.
Humans are never found of change...


2008-08-23 22:39:11

So THAT'S what the internet has trying to turn me into... Shit, my sister was right.

I actually have willpower. As if this crap would work on me. And yet, I still AM a Sonic Fan. :P

Bring on the best you got. >:D

(Updated ) Jesuslizard responds:

I as well have will power, I chose to become a lizard hybrid.
Go to and type Krystal into the search engine.
The blue goddes is the ultimate furry weapon!!!
And if your not one of us after that... sorry if I scared you for life...


2008-08-23 22:18:19

I become a what?

Jesuslizard responds:

A furry.
A half nerd half animal hybrid that jacks off to pictures of other furrys (usually from video games) on the internet.
I have a fue websights for when your redy to look at Krystals hot blue ass or Renamons massive jugs.
Don't try to stop the transformation, it happens to all Starfox fans and most Sonic fans.


2008-08-23 17:42:40

Haha, that comic reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes

Also, thanks to you, i'm a Starfox Fan too X__X I was bored, decided to get Starfox 64 for my Wii VC, and I love it XD

Jesuslizard responds:

I haven't read Calvin and Hobes in years... I miss it...

The infectiouse desiease of Starfox claims all!
First you like the games... and then YOU BECOME A FUR!!!!!!
Your transformation is only just beginning my brother...


2008-08-20 15:58:41

Jesuslizard responds:

I like the second one, Fox was hot :3


2008-08-19 23:58:20

nice StarFox thread, its massive in Page size!

Jesuslizard responds:

I know man!
It was my second thread, can you believe that!?


2008-08-18 23:58:40


Jesuslizard responds:



2008-08-18 18:10:37

Why did I know they was going to have sex together? I'm so sick....

Jesuslizard responds:

Actually your not the only one...
As soon as I started reading I saw something (wasn't sure what) comeing like a speeding bullet.


2008-08-18 13:39:52


Jesuslizard responds:



2008-08-17 13:59:44

i think it's a great comic, but i wonder if he'll ever finish it.

Jesuslizard responds:

Oh he will don't you worry your humanoid little head...
and I think he updates on fridays...


2008-08-17 02:32:20



2008-08-17 01:14:16

well i just finished it so far

Jesuslizard responds:

good aint it.


2008-08-16 21:45:07

sowwie for double posting
but still comic is good

Jesuslizard responds:

Yes it is now PM if you have something to say.
only one/two comments per post thankyou.


2008-08-16 21:13:39

sup jesuslizar, thanx by helping meh before.

PD: check mah postz!!!

Jesuslizard responds:

your welcome and checked


2008-08-16 20:22:36

ladies man
but still *punches keegan* thar dont call me a nerd

Jesuslizard responds:

Stop double posting, you know how enoying that is?


2008-08-16 20:14:03

yup im a genius sometimes
im random, smart, and something else

Jesuslizard responds:

a nerd?


2008-08-16 19:00:43

well its a social problem that was used to see how awkward everything can get
sometimes they use it to instill drama in the comic's said story line

Jesuslizard responds:

Explanation get.


2008-08-16 15:54:27

does anybody else still think its wrong that those 2 had sex with each other

Jesuslizard responds:

yes, but still it was interesting...


2008-08-16 00:10:13

sorry about the double post, but i am trying to organize something big. i need a lot of help. so go to my page, read the post, and do whatever you can to spread the word.
please, we must stop the crews

Jesuslizard responds:

I don't join groups but I like the idea.
don't spam the portal though, that defeats the purpose.


2008-08-15 23:30:34

i still owned you in the falcon punch contest and the douche contest
beat that
btw i think the comic updates on fridays
cause i saw a new comic up on the main page

Jesuslizard responds:

I saw it to, funny one.


2008-08-14 22:42:41

well i didnt beat my last year back to school cussing
imagine how i sounded when i got home

Jesuslizard responds:

ok stop makeing shit up just because I owned you in a fuck saying contest.


2008-08-14 21:43:46

when you assume you make an ass out of you and me
and i said the work "fuck" 300 times today

Jesuslizard responds:

um... not relivant... but my record is 20,000...


2008-08-14 21:10:46


Jesuslizard responds:



2008-08-14 20:28:33

Yea so i found some porn but he makes all his adult comics for sale so i couldn't get them

Jesuslizard responds:

meh, I've never liked people who just want to make money.


2008-08-14 14:39:27


Jesuslizard responds:

I don't remember what show that was from... but I do know these pretzals are makeing me thirsty.


2008-08-14 02:49:20

Furries are okay. I guess.

Jesuslizard responds:

If your not into furrs try the other comic.


2008-08-13 22:24:59

i love this comic
i hope it updates often

Jesuslizard responds:

as do I.


2008-08-13 22:06:57

nvm the link is working again.. yay i can read more of the comic!

Jesuslizard responds:



2008-08-13 21:22:24

i will keegan just to mess with you

(Updated ) Jesuslizard responds:

I'd do the same thing to mess with you so I aint holding a grudge.